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Blue Korintji Coffee, a quality-focused Indonesian coffee brand, has integrated Emurgo Traceability into their supply chain to bring coffee connoisseurs insight into how their coffee came to be.

Experiencing transparency like they’ve never had before, customers seamlessly access the entire history of the cup of coffee they are drinking using their smartphones. With a wealth of information about the farmers, the tasting notes, and the process that went behind the cup of coffee in their hand, consumers can finally be at rest knowing they are supporting companies who really do care about their workers and the final product.

Allowing Consumers To Become Enthusiasts

Blue Korintji knew that countless consumers would fall in love with the quality of their coffee, but unless they could easily find the story behind their cup these customers would never convert into brand enthusiasts.

With Emurgo Traceability consumers are only 1 QR code scan away from becoming full-fledged enthusiasts who understand where their coffee is from, who was part of the process of making it, and why they made the right purchase.

Tracking The Environmental Impact Of Every Cup

Brands love to tout that their product is environmentally friendly, but can consumers truly believe such claims without being able to verify for themselves?

Emurgo Traceability allows coffee enthusiasts to easily examine the supply chain behind their cup and see what measures were taken to reduce the environmental effects on our planet.

Ensuring Fair Trade Is More Than A Slogan

Fair trade is sought out by consumers, yet more and more it’s beginning to feel like a hollow slogan slapped onto every product. Blue Korintji set themselves apart from the rest by providing consumers with the real story behind how the farmers are treated.

Rather than noticing a lifeless label imprinted onto packaging, coffee enthusiasts are able to dive deep into the background of their coffee and come up feeling that they are truly helping to make a difference in the lives of farmers across the world.

Justifying The Price Of Premium

While other brands talk about how premium their product may be, Blue Korintji proves it directly to the coffee enthusiast themselves.

With direct access to understanding what makes Blue Korintji coffee special thanks to Emurgo Traceability, customers know that they are paying for quality, not a markup.

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Budi Isman
CEO Blue Korintji Coffee

Blue Korintji Coffee is excited to partner with leading global blockchain technology solutions provider EMURGO, and offer an innovative tech solution that will improve the lives of local Indonesian farmers, businesses, and consumers.


With blockchain we are able to answer the requests of our customer to know about the origin of the coffee they're drinking. Consumers will not hesitate to spend more by knowing the coffee they're having comes from a trustable source.

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